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3006348084_7ce6e7625b_z-300x200You can clean your house until it sparkles and I would bet that there are a few things that are far dirtier than you might imagine. Here is a list of a few things you might want to look at cleaning as soon as you’re done reading.

Bathtub drains. Ugh, you probably don’t look at these any more often than I do, but you’ll be disgusted when you do. There are often lengths of hair mixed with a lot of soap scum. Most unscrew and are easily removed. Pull off any strands of hair and then using an old toothbrush with some dish washing soap, give the whole thing a good scrub until it is clean again. Resolve to do this once a month.

Faucet aerators. These are the little screens that screw onto the ends of most every faucet in your house. They can trap things in there that weren’t filtered out before your water reached your house. You can either wash these with a toothbrush and dishwasher soap, or put them in a protected dishwasher bag and run them through the dishwasher.

Ceiling fan light shades. These need regular dusting, but at least once a year I go through my entire house and remove every ceiling fan lamp shade and place them in the dishwasher. Unless they are specially coated with something, all mine have come out sparkling clean and shiny. They haven’t looked as good since the day I first purchased them.

Reusable Grocery Bags. Congratulations for taking care of the environment. But that does come with a price. Those reusable grocery bags catch every drip and drop that comes from your groceries, from a little bit of condensation from the cream container to a little bit of chicken juice that leaked through the packaging. In addition, you hand those bags over to be packed and who knows what was on the bagging platform before they put your bag there. Once a week, wipe the inside and outside of your reusable grocery bags to keep them clean and free of potentially harmful bacteria. You don’t want your fresh broccoli coming into contact with bacteria from a previous meat juice spill.

Houseplants. Your live plants do you a great service in helping to remove toxins from your home. Do them a favor and keep them from being too dusty. This will help them to work harder and more effectively. If there aren’t too many leaves, wiping each leaf with a damp paper towel is usually adequate. Once a year, I take all houseplants outside and use a gentle spray from the hose to remove all dust from the plants. They not only look brighter, they do a better job at exchanging carbon dioxide for oxygen.

Photo Credit : Learning about germs from Valerie Everett via Flickr