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16-300x300At the risk of sounding facetious, the answer might be everything.
OK, perhaps not everything. But let’s look at what chiropractic care is and how it affects the human body. Chiropractics work with the spine, aligning it, fixing subluxations all along the back and neck. Any problems in the spine can result in a myriad disease processes.
We’re talking about sleep issues, headaches, pregnancy issues, and overall health. More recent studies have even demonstrated that chiropractic care has been shown to help children who suffer from autism, as well as cerebral palsy and ADHD.
How, exactly, does this work?
The spine is the key. Chiropractic care focuses on the spine. When the spine is off, health is off. Overall health depends on a healthy spine. Any injury or damage to the spine can affect one’s overall health.
Interestingly enough, even problems that don’t seem to be connected to the spine have been known to improve with regular chiropractic care. One of the main jobs of the spine is to serve as a main conduit of the main bundle of nerves for the body. The spinal cord is a bony column of protection for these essential nerves and any misalignment or damage will affect those nerves, which in turn affect the body.
All nerves are connected to the brain and most of them travel through the spinal cord. The brain and spine comprise the central nervous system of the body. If there is any kind of issue with the central nervous system, there is going to be an issue with the body.
Apparently the short answer is that no, chiropractics aren’t able to cure everything. However, they are not alone. There is no single health practitioner or medication that cures everything. Once you establish a trusting relationship with your chiropractic, you will be given the very best care for any condition you present. If your chiropractic feels that you need additional expertise, you will be directed to the best professional for your situation.
By keeping your spine healthy, you keep your overall health in good shape. Trust your chiropractic to help you with this task.
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