7 Surprising Things That Chiropractic Care Helps

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8 surprising things chiropractic care helps

A chiropractor is a health professional who is concerned with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system along with the effects of these disorders on general health. Techniques such as joint adjustment are used to restore body functions. The percentage of those seeking chiropractic treatment has grown exponentially since 2002. There are numerous… Read more »

5 Amazing Benefits of Chiropractic Care You Didn’t Know

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Amazing benefits of chiropractic care

With rising cases of physical ailments and conditions among the young and old, it seems like everybody is searching for some new medical miracle. Whether it’s a newly discovered method of surgery, or a revolutionary pharmaceutical drug, any kind of scientific breakthrough in medicine will definitely bring out the masses flocking to it, along with… Read more »

Lasting Health Solutions by Ballerini Chiropractic

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“Lasting Health Solutions” is a seasonal newsletter we offer to all of our patients and clients at Ballerini Chiropractic Offices Inc. This is one of the best means of finding and reading up on the latest developments in chiropractic care, diabetes facts and information, chronic pain for all ages, statistics on the most recent scientific… Read more »

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Prevention Tips

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Suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome? Here are a few tips and exercises to help prevent it from further development in your life.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the result of pressure on the median nerve that runs between your forearm and hand via the narrow carpal tunnel in the wrist. When this nerve becomes pinched for some reason, patients will suffer neuropathy, causing numbness and weakness in the hand, specifically the thumb and the first three fingers (not… Read more »

Ways to Relieve Neck Pain or Stiffness

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There are several strategies you can try to relieve neck pain or stiffness, or even eliminate it. Here are a few options to consider.

Many adults suffer from back or neck pain or stiffness. In some cases, this is related to accidents, injuries, or illnesses, but by and large, it is merely a symptom of the modern lifestyle. Plenty of people these days spend their time hunched over a keyboard for several hours a day, and most of us… Read more »

5 Signs That You Need to See a Chiropractor

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Alternative health has grown in popularity, making chiropractic care a plausible option. These are warning signs it's time for you to see a chiropractor.

As a youth, you spend many days never realizing how fragile and important your bones and joints are. The idea of joint pain and stiffness never crosses your mind because you never have any of these issues. But as you grow older, you start to witness these problems and end up suffering dearly because you… Read more »