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water-1397189752ktWWhether you are looking to keep your diet on track or just not imbibe as much, here is a unique way to look at drinking alcohol. It might be enough to keep you in check.

Many people are on either a gluten-free diet or a low-carb diet because they are looking to become healthier in the long run. And most everyone knows that alcohol is full of pretty much empty calories. The only thing you get out of drinking them is a buzz, but there is no nutritional benefit.

How can you keep your drinking within the constraints of moderation, enjoy one or two, but know to stop before you ruin your weight loss plans? Look at your alcoholic beverages purely from a fuel-based perspective. After all, your body is a machine run on fuel. Calories provide the fuel your body needs to run.

Each alcoholic drink is made up of calories, and the higher the alcohol content of your drink, the more calories it has. Unless you drink really sweet drinks, in which case it has an even higher number of calories in it.

Consider eating a slice of bread. Most of you have avoided bread, some of you for years. This is a good rule of thumb. Every average drink is the equivalent of eating two regular slices of bread. (And if your drink is full of sugar, you can compare it to eating two cinnamon rolls.)

I can see you shaking your head. “I don’t eat bread.” Right, I get that. So if you can see each drink as two slices of bread, it can help you to moderate how much you drink. Two drinks and you’ve had the equivalent of four slices of toast. How many people eat four slices of toast? Especially while eating a rich meal.

That’s about what it is like when you have two glasses of wine with your wonderful steak dinner. Can you visualize it? What would people think if you ate your steak, baked potato, and veggies, and then topped it off with four dinner rolls? Hang on to that visual, it’s helped a lot of people curb their drinking.

The other suggestion is to be sure to drink a full sixteen ounces of water between each alcoholic beverage. Not only will you be re-hydrating yourself, but you will slow the pace at which you are consuming alcohol and overall will consume less alcohol. Several people have mentioned that once they adopted this practice, they have been better able to moderate their drinking habits.

All it takes is a little bread and water, right?

Water by Maliz Ong