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Work and home responsibilities are an inseparable part of life for women in Tustin. With transport, career aspirations and home-front hustles, who has the time to take due care of health? But, awareness about the importance of women’s health is percolating across all sections of society. Below are some essential tips from a chiropractor in Tustin, CA that can be helpful to a woman’s health.

1.Protection is better than cure.

Two types of health check-ups are gaining the attention of city women – health screening for women and pre-marital screening. These tests allow people to take well-informed decisions at important junctures of life. These tests save precious resources like time and money. Early detection of any problems can lead to a cost and time effective treatment. Pre-marital screenings are especially important. They offer a realistic understanding of what you are getting involved in. It is just a safety net. The test results of pre-marital screening highlight current and potential health complications. It is a right start for marriages in cities.

2. Stay active in a workplace.

Most jobs in cities are sedentary and involve very little exercise. Also, mental work and rising levels of stress can lead to several health complications. With rising number of heart disease cases, women cannot take their health for granted. So an active work life is essential. Take few minutes of the day to exercise during the work day. This is non-negotiable to city woman’s health. Because it improves blood circulation, lowers stress, and burns calories.

3. Include stress-relief activities.

You will discover that city life is studded with several fun avenues as it has more causes of stress. Stress-relief activities help you avoid disorders, commonly found in health screening for women. For example, hypothyroidism, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Be it travel, hobby or a chit-chat with friends, it can be a great contributor towards a stress-free and disorder free life.

4. Keep healthy habits.

Most city women have a way of saying that they are too busy to take care of their health. They can spare a day or two for pre-marital screening and annual health screening for women. But, everyday life is too busy to make the necessary changes. That is true enough for most city women. However, health and wellness is not as much about spending the necessary time as it is about creating healthy habits. Some of these activities do not require any separate time. With minute attention to detail, several women can find time to get healthier in their busy lives. These health habits are the ultimate goals of health screening for women. So, here are some accurate examples of such healthy habits:


 Drink 7 to 8 glasses of water in a day.

 Find a time for stress-relieving activity once a week; a half hour for spa session or a breakfast with friends.

 Sit straight and avoid heels if you have any type of back pain problems.

 Follow exercise routine during work hours or take a 15-minute walk after lunch.

5. Beware of the sun!

Women especially seem overly concerned with tanning. If you must tan, try one of the spray tanners. They even sell spray tanning cans at the store. I haven’t tried any of them myself. So, I can’t attest to their effectiveness, but you could try one if you just must have that tanned look. If you are going to be out in the sun, use sunscreen and wear a hat. You’ll look younger longer if you try to avoid over exposure to the sun.

6. Smile, you’re on candid camera!

A beautiful smile just seems to give a person an added glow. And have you ever noticed how people with beautiful smiles tend to smile a lot? Smiling helps you get into a good mood. Be sure to visit your dentist to maintain that beautiful smile.

7. This is so obvious, but you must visit your Gynecologist.

Women, who are over the age of eighteen ought to have their Physical Examination annually especially for the Pap Smear test. Women who are over forty should have their mammograms and the breast self-exam is encouraged once puberty has been reached and should be a habit as they mature.

8. I left this one for last but it is certainly not the least. Remember to practice safe sex.

I hope these simple tips have been a reminder to you. As I stated at the outset I think that many women already are aware of these things. But, I think we all need reminders from time to time of things. I hope you will find these tips useful. Eat right, stay fit and try to live each day to the fullest.